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Dear Friends,

When I made my annual trip to Zambia this year, I had the opportunity to spend 14 days with our girls at the Chabala Mercy Home.  I had a chance to really get to know the girls and I learned a lot about each one of them.  We talked about life and we spent time studying the Bible.  I was pleased with the progress they have made at school.  Their reading skills are impressive.

Praise God the new well is finished and providing an abundance of clean water.  For the first time I was able to take a real shower on my arrival.  The girls and housemother insisted that I try it out.  What a blessing after a long and tiring bus ride.  There was plenty of clean water for all our needs while I was there.  The girls, the housemother, and I are very grateful to those who contributed to make the well possible.  In the picture on this page you will see the girls and I standing beside the water tank.  The girls are holding a sign which reads, “Thank you for the borehole (well) and clean water!  God bless you!”

One of the days I was there, we had a Girls Bible Day Camp.  Our girls attended as well as some from the community.  We used Bible study material I had brought with me from the United States. Our study focused on humility.  I was able to give a donated Bible to each of the girls attending.  The girls loved the Bibles and were overjoyed to have one of their very own.  During our camp the girls had an opportunity to pray for the new school year and for the teachers, students and parents.

After Bible study and prayer, the girls enjoyed roasting marshmallows outside and making S’mores for the first time. They wanted more, of course!

Zambia is experiencing a period of severe drought.  Much of their electricity is obtained through running rivers which are no longer running.   As a result, power would go out for 8 hours at a time.  During these times we didn’t have running water.  However, we had access to water because we have a well.  Our neighbors do not have wells.   We were able to offer water to them for cooking and drinking.  They were very appreciative.  Our new well is also a blessing to others!!

Having been warned ahead of time about the power outages, I carried donated solar lights with me.  We were able to continue our reading, studying, and chores with the use of the solar lights.  The girls will need these to study their lessons once school goes back into session.

On August 29th we celebrated the official opening of the Chabala Mercy Home with a Dedication Ceremony.  People from the local church came as well as families from the community.  The pastor dedicated the home and all its work to the glory of God and asked God to bless our work. We were honored to have the mayor come by and he had a message read for us as he had to leave the ceremony early. I presented our story and thanked all those who had supported our efforts.  Special music was provided by the church’s choir.  After the service we had a meal followed by much singing and dancing.  It was a joyful occasion!

I set aside a special day as a Play Day for the girls.  We played soccer, net ball, and a game like dodge ball.  While I was there, we also had the opportunity to attend a boys’ championship soccer game at the local school.   One day we went into town and I treated the girls to a meal of pizza.  They had never had pizza before and were especially excited to try this popular food.

Every evening before going to bed we had nightly devotions.  The girls and I would read our Bibles and pray.  Some were timid at first, but participation increased as they became more confident.  As the days passed the girls began to talk with me more about spiritual matters.

After our nightly devotions, the girls would gather around my bed and talk to Siri.  They really troubled Siri with a lot of questions but they had a great time with it!

Some new laws have passed in Zambia to protect children and girls.  All children are now required to attend school.  If a parent or guardian does not see that their children are regularly in school the government can take the children away from them.  Also, it is now against the law to marry before the age of 18.  These new laws help keep people from arbitrarily taking girls from our home.  These new laws help us protect our girls.

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Blessings to you!



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